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FRIDAY from FIRST! 02.21.2020

See Jesus. Show Jesus. Share Jesus.


February 23, 2020

When Jesus took his three closest friends up Mt. Tabor, they might have thought they were just going for a nice hike. What happened when they got to the top of that mountain changed everything. This Sunday, as we celebrate the work of United Methodist Women, we recognize that work can only happen through life-changing encounters with Jesus. As United Methodist Women grow in faith, they also offer life-changing encounters to others, through their support of missions and local ministry. Join us this Sunday (find out who gets this year's Mission Pins!) as the women of the church lead us in worship. Coffee's on at 8:45, worship starts at 9:30 AM!


Ash Wednesday

February 26, 2020

Supper at 5:30

Worship at 6:30


Imposition of Ashes

It is the custom of Wednesday night worship that children serve the Communion elements, and the children also take an integral part in the Communion liturgy for Ash Wednesday. While more solemn than our usual Wednesday night worship, this is a family-friendly service to which all are welcome. We will gather in the Sanctuary after supper.

NOTE: There are no Wednesday RECHARGE classes or discussion groups on Ash Wednesday.


Coming to Our Senses in Lent

How are our five senses reflected in scripture, and how might spiritual practices engaging those senses bring us to a deeper understanding of God’s love, and help us to lead a more Christ-like life? This Lent, you are invited to connect with one another across generations. We’ll eat together at 5:30 on Wednesdays as usual, followed by a time of cross-generational learning and worship, focusing each week on a different sense. We will set aside our usual Wednesday night worship/classes format for these five weeks.

Parents, I encourage you to let other adults in the room sit with your kids after supper, while you sit somewhere else in the room (maybe getting to know some of the other children in our congregation as well!). Adults, I encourage you to mingle among the children and youth. All materials will be provided, and there is no ‘homework’ preparation required. Join us!

3/04 – The Sense of Taste, the Practice of Fasting, Feeding 5000 (Matthew 14: 13-21)

3/11 – The Sense of Touch, The Practice of Service, Healing by Touch (Mark 5:21-43)

3/18 – The Sense of Hearing, The Practice of Silence, Healing a Deaf-Mute (Mark 7:31-37)

3/25 – The Sense of Sight, the Practice of Study, Healing One Born Blind (John 9)

4/01 – The Sense of Smell, the Practice of Prayer, Raising Lazarus (John 11)


Southern Prairie - Preparing for General Conference 2020

District Superintendent Fred Vanderwerf will facilitate a district gathering for clergy and laity at Hilltop UMC in Mankato on Monday, March 2 at 6:30 PM. Topics include General Conference plans and decision points, strategies for handling the media, resources to facilitate dialogue, and our commitment to stay strong, stay together and stay focused on our mission. Please let the church office know if you plan to attend, so we can get a 'head count' to the host church by next Thursday. Here's a personal invitation from D.S. Fred!

Walk to Emmaus Community "Fourth Day" Gathering March 3, 2020

Emmaus graduates, please join Bruce and me at Hilltop UMC on Tuesday, March 3rd at 6:30 pm for a time of fellowship & worship. If you've never attended a Walk to Emmaus, but you've been curious, this is also the perfect opportunity to learn more.

Let me know if you need a ride to either of these events!


I'm praying for you, Church! (And I'm praying every day at 5:16 for your next pastor, too.)

Pastor Jo Anne

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