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Picture of a younger child enjoying donut holes during fellowship time

Worship and Nurture Keeps Us Centered on Christ

 Spiritual Growth and Small Groups


Our church strives to provide opportunities for ongoing spiritual growth and faith formation through weekly gatherings on Wednesday evenings.

Generally speaking, we have some form of Bible or Topical Study most Wednesdays at 6:00pm in the church sanctuary at 125 S Broadway, often enhanced with DVD or streaming a guest speaker for discussion starters.

These opportunities are available for persons of all ages. If young people are present, we gear the conversations to be sure they are equally involved. We are advocates of the intergenerational experience!

Periodically we will be offering other small group opportunities to help people stay connected with one another in fun ways.

Prayer Partners

Join the prayer ministry of First United Methodist Church and practice the power of prayer together. Prayer requests are distributed by phone or e-mail.

United Methodist Women

Circles meet monthly for spiritual growth and fellowship, and share resources to do missional outreach in various ways.

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